VKA at a glance

Victory Kiddies Int'l Academy

Victory Kiddies (Int’l) Academy was conceived in 1997, the vision came and carefully nurtured to birth in 5th of January, 2004 in a rented apartment located in Dantata Street, not far from the present day main campus. Its a school born out of passion for children. Efforts were made to start in Kano in 1997, but it was not allowed. Its very uncommon to find a school starting in second term, but this was the case that could not be explained. It was not planned to be but it came. Olamide Abike Makinde who has been a children loverb both at home, church and school could no longer hold it than to pick some children for private lessons. The parents happened to meet me for a private lesson to enable their children jump the high huddle of reading. They were grown up but could not read, I talked to God about them and courageously took them up in no time, God took the glory and their parents started pressing me to open a proper school for them. God already made it clear it was time for me to open, so I did with the aid of encouragement and testimonies of these parents. God’s way is different from man’s, I wanted to rent a place which was under construction, but the owner failed me. He gave it out to someone else, meanwhile God minstered that, the place would not serve the population he was intending.


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Delivering more than is expected is the essence of great management. It’s about going above and beyond, to try to leave the world a little better than you found it. Often, it’s about individual people and their everyday lives — doing things that make a meaningful difference to them and help them feel good about themselves.

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