Our Policy

We are dedicated to eusure a right thinking and disciplined society

Attendance Policy

Every child should be in school latest by 8AM, if there is any reason a student will miss a school day, the school should be informed


Cell phones are not allowed in the schools or hostels.

Examinational malpractice

Christ stands for both internal and external exams, we do not give room for exam malpractice.

Bullying Policy

We say NO to any form of bullying, It can be physical and verbal.

Fighting Policy

We frown at physical combat, vague language and disrespectful attitudes. We encourage our students and staffs to settle disagreements with wisdom and dialogue


There is something a prospective parent should know and adherent to here. We imbibe verbal and corporal discipline when required. We do not leave a child to himself based on scriptural injunction “beat him, he will not die”. Only the administrative staffs are allowed to do this in order not to abuse the measure. Its done in love after counselling.