Common Questions Asked

What does VKA look for in an applicant?

An all-round candidate with above-average grades in core subjects

Yes, a poor academic performance may attract a repeat of a class or year.

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Can I schedule a tour to see the school campus and facilities before applying?

Yes. You can schedule a tour but it is expected that you book an appointment ahead of the visit.

Do you offer Nigerian Languages in your schools?

Yes, we do. This is the essence of our running a British/Nigerian curriculum. Under no circumstance should an African child be made to ignore the norms and core African values. In all units of our schools, the major Nigerian languages, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are taught.

What is your policy on discipline?

VKA is well known for discipline. It is our belief that nothing can be achieved by an undisciplined mind. We do not handle the moral upbringing of our pupils and students with levity. Our children are God fearing and very respectful. The Students’ Disciplinary Committee investigates offences and makes recommendations for appropriate disciplinary action(s). Furthermore, our Counselling Unit plays a highly significant role in handling issues on morals and discipline.

What security measures does the school take for the children’s safety?

Security is our topmost priority. We have qualified personnel who manage both the internal and external security arrangements of the school.