The curriculum for Victory Kiddies Academy (VKA) Schools, is modern and challenges and inspires learners to be adaptable and flexible. The Curriculum is coherent with the needs of learners, Nigeria and the broader international society.

The curriculum is not static and prepares learners to create their own future and to adapt to the needs of the society. It promotes an all-round education, focusing on the total well-being of the learners (cognitive, emotional and psycho-motor). In short: It prepares learners for the opportunities and experiences of a highly competitive environment and society.

The above Curriculum encourages a broad, in-depth and balanced entitlement to learning which encourages creativity and innovation, based on the higher cognitive domains of learning. The outcomes of the Curriculum lasts a lifetime and encourages life long learning.
At VKA Schools, Experiential Learning (learning by experience, by doing, seeing and being physically challenged) is integrated into the curriculum.

Learners are involved actively in the execution of the Curriculum. Continuous Assessment and Systemic Evaluation, based on data and a time line are implemented by educators. Learners take responsibility for self-assessment and peer evaluation; focusing on academic standards and outcomes.

Educators in VKA Schools implement effective feedback-mechanisms and adjust their teaching strategies, taking into account assessment results and the development and self-esteem of learners.

Execution of Progressive 21st Century Curriculum

In the execution of a progressive 21st century curriculum in VKA Schools, we have educators that are:

  •  Facilitators of learning
  •  Providers of learning opportunities
  •  Evaluators of learning
  •  Assessors of progress
  •  Reflexive educational professionals
  •  Inspirational leaders

Therefore, Curriculum Development in VKA Schools is a dynamic process that is always based on the results, findings, outcomes and suggestions of action research projects.

Value Added Program

Programmes being presented by approved service providers include:
Reading and creative writing programme
The focus of this programme is to improve the reading skills and comprehension of a learner in English and French. The creative writing component develops the writing style and proficiency of a learner in grammar and the use of language in these subjects.

Mathematics Development Programme
This programme addresses remedial aspects in mathematics and support learners to apply mathematical knowledge and skills in today’s technically oriented work environment.

Speech Improvement Programme
This highly popular programme, conducted in modern language studios, assists learners to become confident conversants in English and French.


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